Department Chair and Professor Anoshua Chaudhuri awarded CEETL High Impact Teaching Award

Professor Anoushua Chaudhui

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Anoshua Chaudhuri, is a recipient of the Center for Equity and Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CEETL) High Impact Teaching Award!

The Center for Equity and Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CEETL) sponsors a variety of awards for San Francisco State University faculty and lecturers who have shown exemplary efforts in fostering effective teaching and learning. This year, ICCE Faculty Director Dr. Nina Roberts, nominated Dr. Anoshua Chaudhuri, Professor & Chair of the Department of Economics, for the CEETL High Impact Teaching Award for her demonstration of the highest level of community partnership and service-learning. The ICCE recognized Dr. Chaudhuri for her outstanding commitment to experiential education involving her students with community-based opportunities over the years.

Dr. Chaudhuri spent the past year establishing a partnership with City Surf Project (CSP) through her Econ 640/840 (Health Economics Research and Analysis) class. She educated and mentored her students to collate and digitize all the existing mental health impact-evaluation data that CSP had collected over a year, conduct a feasibility analysis, and complete a written report. She will continue to partner with CSP through 2019 as one of this year's Call to Service grant recipients.

Dr. Chaudhuri was honored at the CEETL Awards reception on Wednesday, May 1, 2019.