Student Team Wins Second Place in Siemens’ Mendix Student App Challenge

A textbook resale app developed by three undergraduate students won second place in the Fall 2020 Siemens Global Student App Challenge.

Lam Family College of Business students Rafael Fernando, Jorge Lara, and James Toh were recognized by Siemens for the application they developed using Mendix, a rapid enterprise application development platform. The student team honed their app development skills while taking the IT Project Management course (ISYS 663) instructed by Professor of Information Systems Leigh Jin, who mentored the team. Their app, BookSwap, aims to streamline the textbook resale process. 

"Our team created this app while thinking of our fellow SFSU students," Fernando reflected. "Since most students prefer used books to save money, we made this app as a dedicated platform for SFSU students specifically to be able to buy, sell, or trade used textbooks. Users can post their textbooks in the app for other students to browse, negotiate, and discuss a meetup time and place for an exchange. We created this app to save SFSU students time, money, and stress."

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