Professor of Management comments on Chick fil-A's decision to stop donating to anti-LGBTQ charities

Sally BaackProfessor of Management Sally Baack commented on Chick fil-A's history with anti-LGBTQ organizations and the factors that pushed the fast food giant to reevaluate its donation strategy.

In an interview with KCBS Radio, Professor of Management Sally Baack discussed the influence of social movements on Chick fil-A's decision to stop donating to historically anti-LGBTQ organizations, instead opting to work exclusively with organizations focused on education, homelessness, and hunger.

"It's an important action that Chick fil-A has taken in response to the concerted efforts of activists,"  Baack told KCBS.  "I think it's an important move, and it signals a lot about a progression of moves that Chick fil-A has made."

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