Professor John Logan Interviewed About Amazon Union Vote by Multiple News Outlets

Professor and Chair of Labor and Employment Studies John Logan shared his perspective on the union defeat at Amazon's Bessemer, Alabama warehouse and what it means for the future of the labor movement.

Logan spoke to The Washington Post, BBC News, JacobinJacobin Radio, and Brigham Young University Radio about this historic moment for the labor movement.

Logan believes Amazon's anti-union tactics were a key influence on the "no" vote. However, as the case is being assessed, it is unclear if the tech giant's efforts to thwart unionization were unlawful. "They are very skilled in operating in the grey areas, that's why they're so effective," Logan told BBC. "You know some of what they say is clearly legal. Other things are kind of pushing the boundaries of the law - and the weakness of the law." Despite this loss, Logan and other experts consider the campaign's widespread coverage an important start to a larger conversation around national labor issues.

Additionally, Logan was interviewed on the topic by tbs South Korea - to hear the full podcast, search for "0422 IN FOCUS: Overview and implications of Amazon's Alabama warehouse workers”.

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