Professor John Logan Discusses Anti-Union Consultants in Truthout Op-Ed

Professor and Chair of Labor and Employment Studies John Logan published an op-ed on the consultants hired to obstruct the union drive at Amazon and how their presence could push forward new labor laws.

Amazon has hired one of the country’s largest and most expensive union-avoidance law firms, Morgan Lewis, to sway votes in their favor, paying nearly $10,000 per day to three consultants who specialize in anti-union campaigns. "When Amazon’s anti-union campaign is over," Logan says, "the e-commerce behemoth will almost certainly have paid millions of dollars to its union avoidance consultants and law firm in order to prevent its Alabama-based employees from choosing a union."
Logan, among other experts, believes this anti-union campaign at Amazon provides a compelling case demonstrating the need for the Protecting the Right to Organize Act - the labor movement’s main legislative priority for the Biden administration - which would create more protective measures for workers trying to unionize.

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