Lecturer Matt Fisher featured on WalletHub

Management and Marketing Lecturer Matt Fisher provided expert commentary on gas credit cards in WalletHub's article and Q&A on the topic.

Credit cards are a topic many consumers need expert advice on, with many  posing questions to WalletHub about how, why, and if they should choose a gas rewards card. In response, Fisher argues that while gas rewards cards are helpful for those looking to begin building credit, most applicants will find greater returns from other rewards programs.

"There exists a limited range of situations in which a gas reward credit card may be valuable for an individual," he says, "If the individual has challenged or limited credit, then the generous qualification criteria may be foundation one needs to demonstrate creditworthiness for better alternatives. However, there are now so many credit-granting alternatives that this is still a very limited segment of individuals that would find this option as their best choice."

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