Business students awarded scholarships from Women in Logistics

Every year Women in Logistics holds a competition and awards scholarships to Bay Area students, men and women alike, who plan to work in the logistics and supply chain management field. In a recent competition, two of our students, Rebecca Schiffman and Tianna Chapman, each won $2,500 scholarships.

REBECCA SCHIFFMAN earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in information systems from San Francisco State, and is expected to complete her MBA also from SF State in May 2019. Rebecca has first-hand experience in e-commerce and the retail industry, working at established companies such as Amazon and Whole Foods, as well as start-ups seeking to automate the buying process, such as standard cognition. She plans to use her knowledge and experience to improve sustainability, especially within the food and beverage sector.

TIANNA CHAPMAN is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration in decision sciences, and a minor in information systems. Tianna interned as an assistant manager at Ross Stores, Inc. during summer 2018 and gained valuable insight into Ross’s operations and distribution system. Upon graduation in May 2019, she plans to gain additional field experience through work as a junior business analyst or supply chain analyst.

Since 2004, Women in Logistics has disbursed approximately $80,000 in scholarships to 38 students across several Bay Area institutions of higher education. To date, students from the College of Business at San Francisco State University have received the most awards.