Associate Professor Sybil Yang Interviewed for SF Weekly Story on the Ethical Dilemma of Food Delivery Apps

Associate Professor of Hospitality and Tourism Management Sybil Yang discussed on-demand food service in an SF Weekly story on what the industry truly offers customers and why it feeds on inequality.

Yang explores why delivery is so popular, identifying that though companies may paint a face of hospitality and service, it's actually the the technological logistics and transparency of on-demand delivery that customers are willing to pay for. 
“I would say what the market looks like right now is probably where Amazon was in the late ’90s,” Yang told SF Weekly, reflecting on Amazon's mission to "win" in the market by becoming a one-stop shop for on-demand delivery. "I think that’s very much what the delivery space is like right now. It’s a Wild West battle, where the person who has the most market share will come out on top.”

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