Article on Ethical Artificial Intelligence by Professor of Management Denise Kleinrichert Published by AACSB

Professor of Management Denise Kleinrichert discussed the importance of teaching the critical role of ethics in the deployment of artificial intelligence, as well as the unique multidisciplinary nature of the field.

Offering a certificate in Ethical AI is critical at this moment, according to Kleinrichert. The complex set of issues emerging with the increasing use of AI in business contexts will create a wide range of new jobs, "not only in technical sectors such as software engineering, data analytics, and cloud computing, but also in more human-centric industries such as hospitality, construction, healthcare, agriculture, and education." Our Graduate Certificate in Ethical Artificial Intelligence serves as a bridge between these disciplines, integrating courses in philosophy, computer science, and business.

"If they are to be visionary and responsible future leaders, our students must have the wisdom to appreciate all of AI’s ethical implications," Kleinrichert says. "They must understand that it will be their responsibility to use these emerging technologies in ways that make a positive impact on society."

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