Discussing the Sony e-mail hacking scandal, Professor and Chair of Management Sally Baack said that companies should expect these kinds of hacks

Professor and Chair of Management Sally Baack discussed the Sony email hacking scandal for a Dec. 15 KCBS News Radio report. "There are lots of companies where you wouldn't see anything like this at all. Of course, on the other hand, there are companies where I'm sure some individuals may have emails like this. What's interesting about this case is that it is coming from top leadership," Baack said. "We've talked many, many times about how email is not private, how security in general on the Internet has been compromised over and over, so a company should expect that their email may be released. A company should expect that they may have hacks of these kinds, and so it's interesting to think going forward, 'What is Sony going to learn from this?'" KCBS News Radio, 12/15/2014 (clip not available online)