The College of Business celebrates the accomplishments of this year’s graduates and Fellows

The College of Business celebrates the accomplishments of this year’s graduates and Fellows! We recognize three students in particular: Bella Chen (Int’l Business), Navya Malla (Information Systems), and Neil Vongseni (HTM).

Bella, Navya, and Neil were randomly selected from over 500 applicants in fall, 2014, to participate in the inaugural Fellows Program. This first group of Fellows was comprised of just 25 students. A motto of the program is, “Once a Fellow always a Fellow.”  Navya, Bella, and Neil graduate this month having completed all four semesters of the program. They will be honored with a certificate of achievement at the pre-graduation reception on May 27 at the Downtown Campus.

In their words

Bella Chen

Bella Chen

The Fellows program offered a chance for me to meet people who share a drive to succeed who were in different concentrations and had different interests than me. Each semester, the program kept evolving and it would change just enough to present new information and new classes to us. The program has also opened up several opportunities for me. It taught me the importance of having a few business cards ready and how to make not just a good first impression, but a lasting great first impression. It's taught me how to use my strengths and areas of opportunity to become an even more effective team leader and team member. For students looking to join the program, my suggestion is to join and quickly make friends and get to know as many Fellows as possible.  

Navya MallaNavya Malla

Orlando and the team were definitely my biggest motivation to continue with the Fellows Program each semester. It was nice to know that I had a whole team to support me, and I could go to them and ask for help. This program really taught me the importance of presenting myself in a professional manner, from crafting a beautiful resume and cover letter to dressing like a young business professional. These are all things that we are told to do but are never really taught. So it was nice to have lessons on these topics. To students considering applying to the Fellows Program, I would say don’t just consider it, apply for the program!  It will make a huge difference in your life. You will learn valuable skills and make great friends! I appreciate everything the Fellows staff have done for me. I appreciate the tough love. Because of you, I am a completely different person, a better person for that matter. It's my turn to help the program out! Thank you so much!

Neil VongseniNeil Vongseni

I wanted to grow with the Fellows Program and be a part of the progress it made each semester. I also looked forward to meeting students from different majors within the College of Business. I've gained so much great information from the sessions taught by the Fellow's staff. I'm more confident and prepared for job applications and the interview process. I also learned a lot from my peers and their experiences. The Fellows Program helped shape me into the person I am today, achieving my full potential. The Fellows staff are wonderful people who want to guide you on the path in reaching your career goal. They will help you every step of the way.

Plans after graduation

Neil currently works at a top restaurant in the City, and intends to apply to renowned hotels in California and Hawaii for food and beverage management positions. Bella is seeking account manager and project manager positions here in the City and recently interviewed for a project manager position with a San Francisco business. Navya is working at a local start-up as a customer care representative.  She hopes to grow with the company while taking on more leadership roles.

Congratulations to each of you, we wish you the very best in your careers!

Orlando B. Harris, Executive Director, Business Development, Marketing & Career Services, Graduate Business Program Enrollment & Admissions
Melanie Summers, Director, Career Services and Professional Development
Heidi Yu, Assistant Director, Career Services and Professional Development