Marketing Lecturer Neil Cohen interviewed about five-second Pepsi ads

Marketing Lecturer Neil Cohen was interviewed for an April 26 KNX/CBS Radio segment about five-second Pepsi ads.

Neil Cohen

"It fits perfectly with everyone's attention span these days, so it's actually a good idea. ... If you look at Pepsi's audience, which tends to skew younger. You know, it's Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, and those environments are really suitable for the short-form videos of five seconds or less because that's what people are consuming these days," Cohen said. "What they're trying to do here is create these points of thirst moments where we're at the beach or you're at the amusement park, whatever they might be in these five-second little spots and try to trigger that concept, like, 'Okay, if I'm doing that, I should grab a Pepsi.' So that's really what they're playing into. And again, highly portable and sharable and that's what they're looking for."