Faculty and Alumni Spotlight



Professor Ho-Dac has recently published research titled "The Effects of Positive and Negative Online Customer Reviews: Do Brand Strength and Category Maturity Matter?" in the Journal of Marketing. This Study finds that brand equity moderates the relationship between online customer reviews (OCRs) and sales. Positive (negative) OCRs increase (decrease) the sales of products of weak brands. More


Sina Damangir

Professor Damangir ascribes the rise of big data in marketing to the growing ability of companies to gather and accumulate data on consumers, as well as the progression of the technology to analyze such data.  Now armed with a colossal amount of data about the consumers, companies strive to create value for customers, make better decisions, and gain a competitive edge.


Luanne:  I am fortunate to have my dream job and when I explain how I got here, it’s going to sound like there was a plan.  But the truth is, there was a lot of serendipity involved, and it wasn’t necessarily according to plan. I ended up studying Marketing because I am not very good at drawing; you see my first major was Fashion illustration, but you do need to be able to draw for that and I didn’t have the raw skills needed. I liked the idea of doing something commercial or in the business realm that was also creative. I really felt like marketing would be the right area for me, advertising in particular. I was unique in that I knew what I wanted to study and I got my education in what has now has become my career path. More.