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Photograph of the Business Building on the main 19th Avenue Campus

Full Name Position Phone Email
Phillip Armstrong, MBA Lecturer Faculty (415) 338-2138
Sally Baack, Ph.D. Professor (415) 338-6348
Ryana Barbosa Lecturer Faculty
Meredith Benton Lecturer Faculty
Robert Bonner, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
William Chin Lecturer Faculty
Geoff Desa, Ph.D. Professor (415) 338-7490
Anna Dos Ramos Lecturer Faculty (415) 338-7480
Matthew Dowling MBA, CPA. Lecturer
Ian M. Dunham, Ph.D. Assistant Professor (415)338-2202
Matt Fisher, MBA Lecturer Faculty (415) 338-2138
Connie Marie Gaglio, Ph.D. Associate Professor (415) 338-7482
Jason Harris-Boundy, Ph.D. Lecturer Faculty
Dayna Herbert Walker, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
David Hover, MBA Lecturer Faculty (415) 338-7473
Ebru Ipek, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Queen Jaks Lecturer
Nara Jeong, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Priyanka Joshi, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Cynthia King Lecturer Faculty
Denise Kleinrichert, Ph.D. Professor
Eric Lamm, Ph.D. Professor (415) 338-7485
Juliet Lamont Faculty Lecturer
Chenwei Li, Ph.D. Associate Professor (415) 338-2138
Merilee McDougal, MBA Lecturer Faculty
Lauren Messmer Lecturer Faculty
Craig Nathanson Lecturer Faculty (415) 338-2138
Antoaneta Petkova, Ph.D. Professor (415) 338-6376
Ronald Purser, Ph.D. Professor (415) 338-2380
Verónica Rabelo, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Arjita Sethi Lecturer Faculty
Manely Sharifian, Ph.D. Assistant Professor (415) 338-2138
Silvia Harris-Payne, Ed. D. Lecturer Faculty
Chad Spitler Lecturer Faculty
Oscar Stewart, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Tom Thomas, Ph.D. Professor, Department Chair (415) 338-6086
Smita Trivedi, Ph.D. Assistant Professor (415) 338-1235
Amir Yousef Lecturer Faculty
John Zahar, J.D. Lecturer Faculty (415) 338-6348