Featured Alumni

We are proud to share our alumni stories.

Students and alumni who pursue a focus on sustainable business are helping to transform business. Read about some of these alumni below.

Katie Parker

Katie Parker (MBA 2012)

Supply Chain Analyst, Clif Bar

As a supply chain analyst at Clif Bar, Katie is responsible for the development, execution, and reporting of key supply chain metrics and scorecards, and for leading projects that promote short and long-term strategy formation and achievement, such as capacity planning and optimization. She works closely with members of various supply chain functions to ensure alignment on strategies, tactics, and supply chain processes, helping Clif Bar strive towards achieving its five aspirations: sustaining its planet, community, people, business, and brands. Sustainability is deeply embedded into the culture of Clif Bar, illustrated by how the company considers every employee to be a member of its Sustainability Group. In her supply chain role, Katie is also tasked with supporting the sourcing team in sourcing the highest quality, organic ingredients without exception. In her first project with the company, she was asked to measure the cost benefit of a new pallet pattern, giving potential carbon impact equal consideration with ROI. Katie has been pleasantly surprised by how much her MBA experience has directly applied to her job at Clif Bar, from appreciating a sustainability-driven culture to the day-to-day know-how of her supply chain position. She credits finding a company and job that fit so well with her skills and passions to her network built through students, alumni, and faculty at San Francisco State.

Khary Dvorak-Ewell

Khary Dvorak-Ewell (MBA 2010)

Development Director, Mama Hope

“Through the program I have gained a deep understanding of the triple bottom line; issues and strategies that focus on the bottom of the economic pyramid, and strategically incorporating environmental sustainability into business.”

Efrat Stark

Efrat Stark (MBA 2008)

Corporate Sustainability Marketing Manager, Autodesk

“Try to get the most out of the MBA program while you are still in school by applying what you learn outside of the classroom. Seek ways to incorporate your interests (whether it be sustainability or something else) into internships and class projects. Take advantage of your student status and class projects as a way to engage with organizations and get your foot in the door.”

Luke Wilson

Luke Wilson (MBA 2010)

Co-Owner + COO, b(earth) Clothing, LLC

The program “genuinely opened my eyes to so many things, and made me think about how I could implement sustainability initiatives in both the work environment and in my everyday activities. It showed me what other businesses and people are doing to make a better impact on the environment and in the community, and that there are still many opportunities out there.”

Luke Wilson

Joanne Panchana (MBA 2012)

Program Manager, PG&E

"The program has enabled me to apply business concepts as change drivers for sustainability.”

Ryan Dulon

Ryan Dulon (MBA 2009)

Law Firm Consultant, Thomson Reuters

Ryan recommends that current students identify companies of interest and “figure out how to get a foot in the door.”  Additionally, he encourages students to “develop your vision and be ready to support it.”

Laurel Peacock

Laurel Peacock (MBA 2010)

Consultant, Blu Sky Sustainability Consulting

“It is encouraging to see my classmates so determined to bring sustainability into their area of expertise; whether it's finance, marketing, or IT.”

Roopa Batni

Roopa Batni (MBA 2009)

Program Analyst, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Roopa recommends that students, "Set personal and professional goals now and be active in taking steps to achieve those goals—the best fit is when what you do professionally helps you to develop within your personal life. Find something you enjoy doing, because as Confucius said: If you enjoy what you do, you will never work another day in your life!"

Barbara Boccia

Barbara Boccia (MBA 2009)

VP/Business Line Compliance Officer, Union Bank

"SF State's sustainability program teaches us that you can be a 'change agent' regardless of your specific role in a company. Meet as many people as you can, stay in contact, let them know when you need something, and likewise extend a hand once you are positioned."

Lessa Manotti

Lessa Manotti (MBA 2010)

Graduate Assistant, MBA Emphasis in Sustainable Business

Lessa chose SF State's MBA program because sustainability is deeply engrained in the courses.

Alison von Schlieder

Alison von Schlieder (MBA 2011)

SF State Net Impact Chapter Leader

"Businesses that include sustainability into their strategies and business models are not only doing the right thing, they are creating an invaluable competitive advantage.”

Alison von Schlieder

Mary Tam (MBA 2009)

Development Officer, Mercy Corps

“I’ve applied a number of useful skills acquired through SF State’s EMBA program, such as cross-cultural communication and data management. My work here is particularly reminiscent of the social enterprise case studies from our sustainability course.”