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Photograph of the Business Building on the main 19th Avenue Campus

Full Name Position Phone Email
Paul Beckman, Ph.D. Professor (415)338-6240
David Chao, Ph.D. Professor (415)405-2594
Tai-Yin Chi, Ph.D. Assistant Professor (415)405-0707
Daniel Ciomek, MBA Lecturer Faculty (415)338-6083
David Cox, MBA Lecturer Faculty
Scott Eigenhuis, MBA Lecturer Faculty
Guillaume Faddoul, Ph.D. Assistant Professor (415)338-7477
Louie Giambattista, MBA Lecturer Faculty (415) 338-6083
Sam Gill, Ph.D. Professor (415)338-6240
Gizem Isik, MBA Lecturer Faculty (415) 338-6083
Patrick James Lecturer Faculty
Yasalde Jimenez Acosta, MBA Lecturer Faculty
Leigh Jin, Ph.D. Professor (415)338-6286
Lutfus Sayeed, Ph.D. Department Chair (415)338-6296
Nasser Shahrasbi, Ph.D. Assistant Professor (415)338-6348
Abdur Sikder, Ph.D. Lecturer Faculty
Sameer Verma, Ph.D. Professor (415)338-7016