MBA Emphasis in Information Systems


wordle of information systems

Information Systems refers to the systems, technologies and processes used in organizations. If your desire is to build a career around technologies such as the cloud, mobile applications, Big Data and business analytics, information systems (IS) is the right emphasis.

IS courses prepare students from the very basics of information systems all the way through to detailed applications used to run global enterprises. Recently, the IS department partnered with SAP, the world’s leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) software firm, to offer courses leading to an SAP-issued Recognition Award certificate.

After completing their studies in IS, recent graduates have gone on to start their careers in companies such as Accenture, GoPro, Pacific Gas and Electric, and many others with job titles such as senior business analyst, business analyst and project manager.

Core Courses

In order to earn the emphasis in IS, you need to take ISYS 814: Information Systems for Strategic Advantage plus three of the following courses:

  • ISYS 850: Seminar in Business Intelligence*
  • ISYS 856: Enterprise Mobile Applications*
  • ISYS 869: Business Process Management*
  • ISYS 871: E-commerce Systems

* Students who successfully complete all three of these courses receive a SAP Recognition Award certificate. Visit for complete information on the SAP certificate.

In addition, you must take two 800-level adviser approved elective courses offered by the Lam Family College of Business, including ISYS or BUS 899.

Faculty Advisers

  • Lutfus Sayeed, Ph.D.
  • Robert Nickerson