MBA Emphasis in Finance

Financial Principles

There are three guiding financial principles imparted in the MBA Emphasis in Finance:

  • Acquiring
  • Protecting
  • Spending Money

Acquiring your money (debt or equity)

Corporations and other entities:

  • borrowing (raise debt)
  • selling assets (human capital, equity--IPO & venture capital)

Analogy to personal finance:

  • borrowing (raise debt).
  • sell your human capital, e.g., get a job

Protecting your money (risk management)

Once you have money, you may be concerned about losing it, because of unexpected changes in the political environment, macro economy, and the financial markets, e.g., stock and commodity prices, interest rates, and debt credit rating.

Spending your money (investing)

Now that you've acquired and protected your money, you should grow it by putting it to work

  • Real Assets: Plant & Equipment, R&D, Intellectual Property
  • Financial Assets: stock of public traded firms; debt of public traded firms, Fed. Gov., States, & Cities; commodities

The Finance Department offers courses covering each of the three principles

BUS 785 Financial Management (Prerequisites: BUS 780 Financial Accounting; and BUS 776 Data Analysis for Managers)
Taught from the perspective of a non-financial corporation. Offered every semester.

FIN 819 Financial Analysis and Management (Prerequisites: BUS 785 Financial Management, must be completed prior to enrolling in FIN 819)
Prerequisite to all other 800-level Fin courses
Taught from the perspective of a non-financial corporation. Offered every semester.

Finance elective courses: up to five 800-level Finance courses or courses from other disciplines with approval from a faculty advisor.

  • FIN 825 Seminar in Investments
  • FIN 828 Seminar in Financial Markets and Institutions
  • FIN 836 Seminar in International Finance

Each semester the Finance Department offers one of the elective courses. Students must complete FIN 819 before enrolling in any Finance elective course.   

Faculty Advisers

  • Ping Hsiao
  • Ming Li
  • Shuming Liu