MBA Emphasis in Decision Sciences/Operations Research

Professor Susan Cholette in a classroom setting

Students in the Decision Sciences/Operations Research emphasis learn to apply analytical methods and computer-based tools to problems in a wide variety of settings.

Five courses are recommended for the emphasis:

  • Three 800-level DS courses, plus
  • Two adviser-approved 800-level electives

Core Courses

DS 852: Managerial Decision-Making (offered both fall & spring in the Quantitative Track) –Business decision-making through data driven analysis in the spreadsheet environment.

DS 816: Seminar in Business Forecasting (Spring only) - Quantitative and qualitative methods for short, medium, and long range forecasting.

DS 853: Seminar in Data Analysis (Fall only) - Sampling techniques and exploratory methods of data analysis; methods of multivariate data analysis applied to business problems.

DS 855: Supply Chain Management (Fall only) - Concepts of competitive strategy and sustainability; aggregate planning and managing the marketing/operations interface; inventory management and procurement strategy; design of supply chain networks; and the role of IT.

DS 856: Seminar in Project Management (Spring only) – The full range of issues faced by project managers including the project life cycle; technical, human, and organizational issues; planning, scheduling, and controlling the timing, resources, and costs of a project.

Suggested Electives

  • ECON 825: Applied Time Series Econometrics
  • FIN 820: Seminar in Financial Risk Management
  • FIN 825: Seminar in Investments
  • HTM 831: Service Operations Management
  • HTM 858: Principles of Yield & Revenue Management
  • ISYS 850: Seminar in Business Intelligence
  • ISYS 869: Business Process Management
  • MKTG 864: Seminar in Marketing Research

Faculty Advisers

  • Ramesh Bollapragada
  • Susan Cholette
  • Sada Soorapanth
  • Julia Miyaoka
  • Robert Saltzman