Faculty Assessment

Assurance of Learning

2012-2013 Assurance of Learning Report (PDF)

2011-2012 Assurance of Learning Report (pdf)

2010-2011 Assurance of Learning Report (pdf)

2009-10 Assurance of Learning Report (pdf)

2008-09 Assurance of Learning Report (pdf)

2007-08 Assurance of Learning status report (pdf)

2006-07 Appendix D Assessment report to University (pdf)

2005-06 Appendix C Assessment (pdf)

2004-05 Appendix C Assessment (pdf)

Learning Goals and Objectives

Assessment Schedule

Assessment Programs: 5 Year Cycle (pdf)

Measures and Rubrics

Assessment Rubrics for MBA, BS in Business Administration and BS in Hospitality and Tourism Management

Assessment Spreadsheets MBA, BS in Business Administration and BS in Hospitality and Tourism Management

MBA Course Mapping

BSBA Course Mapping

Committee Members

Current Assurance of Learning members and responsibilities:

Antoaneta Petkova, Assistant Professor, Management, apetkova@sfsu.edu

  • submission of all assessment results; any questions, issues, and concerns regarding assessment schedules and deadlines; questions about assessment of qualitative analysis

Lihua Wang, Assistant Professor, International Business, lihua@sfsu.edu

  • questions about ethics/sustainability, social and global awareness

Theresa Roeder, Assistant Professor, Decision Sciences, tmroeder@sfsu.edu

  • quesitons about teamwork assessment (CATME) and quantitative analysis skills

Veronika Papyrina, Assistant Professor, Marketing, papyrina@sfsu.edu

  • questions about BAT and assessment in mega-sections

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