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On this page you can learn about the requirements of our undergraduate program.

Major in Economics

Announcement: ECON 605 is no longer in the core course requirement of the Major in Economics. As a result, the number of elective courses required for graduation increased from 5 to 6 (18 units). Two of those electives (6 units) can be taken outside the Department of Economics. The courses must be either on the list of approved courses or pre-approved by an economics adviser.

The best source of information about requirements for major in economics is the Bachelor of Arts in Economics page in the current bulletin. University regulations state that the requirements for graduation depend on either the bulletin year you entered or the most recent bulletin. Please visit SFSU bulletins page to access old bulletins. We have also prepared a quick set of equivalents and requirements for graduation by bulletin year for our program.

All majors are also expected and required to see an advisor. See our advising page for details.

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Minor in Economics

Economics is highly complementary with a number of other disciplines and some students may choose to minor in economics while pursuing a major in another field. Students often decide to minor in economics after having already taken several economics courses and realizing that a few more courses will satisfy the minor requirements. Students minoring in economics are required to take ECON 101, Introduction to Microeconomic Analysis, and ECON 102, Introduction to Macroeconomic Analysis. They are also required to take either ECON 301, Intermediate Microeconomic Theory, or ECON 302, Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory. In addition, minors are required to take four upper division elective courses in economics.

The best source of information is the Minor in Economics page in the current bulletin.

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Equivalents and Requirements for Graduation by Bulletin Year

Bulletin Years Economics Units Core Courses Quantitative Requirements
Prior to Fall 1999 36 units Econ 100, 101, 300, and 301
  • Econ 310 (replaced by MA 110);
  • Econ 311 or BA 212 or MA 124;
  • ONE of: 312, 325, 601, 615, 630;
Fall 1999 - Spring 2002 39 units Econ 100, 101, 300, and 301
  • Econ 310 or MA 110 or MA 226
  • Econ 311 or BA 212 or MA 124
  • ONE of: 312, 325, 601, 615, 630
Fall 2002 and after 42 units Econ 100, 101, 300, and 301
  • MA 110 or MA 226
  • Econ 311 or BA 212 or MA 124
  • ECON 312
Fall 2006 onward 42 units Econ 101, 100/102, 301, and 300/302
  • MATH 226
  • Econ 311 or DS 212 or MATH 124
  • ECON 312

NOTES: Requirements changed in 2001-02 but SFSU 2001-2002 bulletin did not change. Use bulletin requirements.

Effective Fall 2001, Econ 315 is re-numbered Econ 615 with MA 226 as a pre-requisite.

Effective Fall 2001, Econ 320 is re-numbered Econ 630 with Econ 312 as a pre-requisite.

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