Business Partner Program: Jobs & Internships

The Lam Family College of Business is a division of San Francisco State University that prepares both undergraduate and graduate students for leadership in the business world to get things done. The Lam Family College of Business trains and develops highly talented students for the chance to build long-lasting careers with dynamic organizations throughout the world. The Lam Family College of Business has ten departments that include marketing, finance, accounting, international business, management information systems and more. The Lam Family College of Business serves the needs of 6,000 students including 500 graduate and 5,500 undergraduates every year. Our Business Partner Program is intended to forge sustainable long-term relationships between the business community and the Lam Family College of Business.

The goal of the career option is to help companies identify qualified candidates to fill open positions including internships and full-time positions. From our conversations with companies, we understand that companies have a need to fill open positions throughout the year. We have partnered with companies to get in front of students with relevant work experience to share detailed information about marketing, finance, accounting, sales and additional open positions. This provides companies with the chance to cultivate relationships with potential candidates to interview. Through this interaction, our students have been placed in promising roles with companies of all sizes including start-ups and global corporations. From a practical perspective, we found that this approach resonates well with our students and business partners.

The Business Partnership Program is the intersection between theory and practice. Lam Family College of Business students spend countless hours learning about the business world from some of the brightest faculty in the nation. In the Business Partnership Program, the students will get an opportunity to meet professionals in the business world, visit companies to learn about their products and services, and gain practical work experience while pursuing their college degree. Business professionals will have a chance to share information about their companies through speaker events, mentor students during externships, and connect with potential future candidates for career opportunities at their companies. The Business Partnership Program is an expansive community between those studying business theories with those applying business practices every day.

We are committed to the successful placement of our diverse and talented students of undergraduate and graduate business students for internships and career opportunities in your company. We are continually building a robust program that provides a cohesive connection between corporations and the Lam Family College of Business influential community. The visibility of business partners may open broader channels to the San Francisco State University rich community to find creative solutions to today’s complex business problems.

The Business Partner Program focuses on engaging with companies to make an impact through applied excellence and make things happen. We have been placing students in the right roles generating prospering impacts with our business partners, and in collaboration with Career Services, we continue to bring new opportunities for our students and businesses alike through Job/Internship Postings.