Business Partner Program: Investment

The College of Business seeks to partner with corporations to identify ways to turn investments into practical value for our partners, students, university and the Bay Area community as a whole. We would like to build centers to allow student and business entrepreneurs to collaborate and generate ideas that can be converted to new commercially viable ventures. With the help of generous business partners, we will be in a position to develop new business entities, introduce new products, and brainstorm patent ideas with an emphasis on connecting with a commercial market, and find new methods to optimize the manufacturing processes of global corporations.

We envision that we can help with innovating the 21st Century and beyond with building cross academic and corporate teams that leverage practical initiatives to make a difference in the business world. We are constantly developing a pipeline of career-ready leaders for the Bay Area and the world. Set in the heart of downtown San Francisco, enables forward-thinking environments that expand opportunities for engagement, graduate business education, executive education, consulting, and business incubation at the San Francisco State University Downtown Campus.

We believe that investments in our community help us make a difference in the world. At the College of Business, we want to work with corporate partners to produce results. With a diverse student population and world-class faculty and staff members, we can work with corporate partners to have an impact on healthcare, technology, agriculture, social business and a plethora of industries. We foresee our corporate partner program as the intersection of identifying and executing practical solutions to complex business problems to make a difference in the world. As you think about your social media strategy that affects privacy and compliance issues for your financial institution, ramping up your workforce during the height of retail season on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, transitioning your business to the Internet to reach a targeted audience, or utilizing big data to optimize your marketing programs or customer behavior, the College of Business wants to partner with you. We pride ourselves on applying practical knowledge and skills to helping our corporate partners advance to the next level in their business life cycle.

  • sustainability
  • corporate responsibility
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • CIO executive development
  • branding strategies
  • customer analysis
  • business strategies
  • growth planning
  • financial modeling
  • operations optimization
  • risk analysis
  • custom research
  • ethics and compliance
  • leadership development
  • organizational effectiveness
  • employee/manager development