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Numbering over 44,000 strong, Lam Family College of Business graduates are located in every state in the nation and enjoy success as entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, innovators and dedicated business professionals.

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A Heritage of Accessibility

Gifts to the Lam Family College of Business allow us to continue to fund critical programs that state allocations and student fees do not cover.

San Francisco State University strives to offer its quality educational programs to as many qualified students as possible by limiting increases in student fees. In an environment where the levels of state funding are in decline, contributions from alumni, friends of the College, corporations, and foundations are more important than ever.

San Francisco State University has built a reputation for providing a quality education to a diverse range of students since its founding in 1899.

Cultural and Economic Diversity

Our students represent more than 100 nationalities and reflect the rich cultural and economic diversity of the Bay Area. San Francisco State University provides a vital educational service to the community and remains one of the most cost-effective options for Bay Area higher education.

Equity and Social Justice

Like the University, the Lam Family College of Business is committed to the values of equity and social justice and believes all citizens of California deserve the opportunity of higher education. When you invest in the Lam Family College of Business with your donation, you sustain its ability to continue this heritage.