Vista Room {College of Business}

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Pre-Paid Reservations

The Vista Room requires pre-paid reservations. For more information, see Vista Room : Reservations.

Cancellations + Rescheduling

A cancellation notice of 24 hours is required for all reservations except large groups (2 weeks). Rescheduling of paid and block ticket reservations will be honored prior to this 24-hour period at no cost to the guest. Guests forfeit the cost of lunches (individual or reserved blocks) if not rescheduled. If you are using block tickets, reservations must still be made prior to 10 a.m. of the day of service. Note: the Vista Room is closed during the summer term.


The Vista Room is staffed by students enrolled in Foods, Production and Service; Restaurant Management; and Management of Quantity Food Purchasing and Production. SF State University supervising faculty and staff must be present at the Vista Room and/or the Quantity Food Production Laboratory if both or either of these facilities is used at special events.


The Vista Room is managed by the faculty of the Departments of Hospitality and Tourism Management and Consumer & Family Studies/Dietetics. The Vista Room and the Quantity Food Production Laboratory are currently not available for rent or contract by groups outside the HTM and CFS/D departments. For more information concerning the Vista Room, please contact either the Department of Consumer and Family Studies/Dietetics or the Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management.

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