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Large Luncheon Groups


Payment in full is required two weeks in advance of the event for large groups (n=15). The Vista Room may be able to accommodate large group events later than 1:30 p.m. for an additional charge. Typically, requests for one hour of extra service will be an additional $2.00 per person.

Special Arrangements

Prior arrangements are required for the following:

  • special table and seating arrangement
  • pre-selection of menu items
  • use of microphone, podium, folding screen
  • other special requests

Menu selection one week prior to the luncheon is preferred to expedite service. Please call the Dining Room Manager in the Vista Room at (415) 338-3411 one week before your luncheon.

In order to keep a safe work flow for students, the Vista Room cannot accommodate any change of table rearrangement after your luncheon begins.

Adding Guests

The Vista Room cannot accommodate additional guests after the luncheon starts, as student managers are not permitted to handle cash. To add extra guests, please call (415) 405-3530 prior to 10 a.m. of the day of service.

Reserving the entire Vista Room

Block tickets cannot be used for a one-time event which uses the whole room. To schedule the whole room for a luncheon event, the cost is $1,000.00. Other guests will not be scheduled if you reserve the whole room. Please call (415) 405-3530 at least one week in advance to make special arrangements. Menu selection and final number in your party is due one week prior to event. Large Group Service


Cancellation of a large group reservation must be made two weeks before the event for a full refund.

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