Marketing Intern

Business Name: 
BlindDog Communications
Type of Position: 
Full-Time Internship
Grade Level: 
Off-site / Remote. Some meetings in San Francisco
Days/Hours per Week: 
5 days / 30 hours per week
Pay Range: 

- Learn from scratch how to start and grow an international business based in San Francisco
- Will be able to learn and work on international projects (companies from all around the world)
- Experience planning marketing strategies for entertainment industry
- You will be able to grow your own networking
- Be part of an experienced and creative team
- Enjoy a fresh, friendly, untied atmosphere
- You will work from home
- You will be able to attend different entertainment events around the Bay Area
- You will be one more member of the team. We will value your inputs and ideas

Duration of Position: 

6 months extendable

Position Description: 

Handle the day to day necessary tasks for European/American Marketing and PR campaigns, and help to formulate and implement marketing, PR, and social media strategies for the company and all of its products.

Position Responsibilities: 

- Copywriting: Write and proofread press releases, presentations, social media posts and website content
- Search and contact vendors
- Contact influencers/Youtubers and media outlets such as magazines, websites or TV/Radio stations to get maximum coverage for company and its products
- Formulate and manage international Marketing and Communications strategies and campaigns for the company’s releases. Pre launch, launch and post launch of video games
- Implement company’s social marketing initiatives/strategies, including community management
- Communicate with clients and development studios worldwide to request marketing materials if necessary
- Plan and manage events

Required Qualifications: 

- Native English speaker
- Excellent oral and written communication skills
- Self starter, attention to detail, problem solving skills, assertiveness
- Excellent Microsoft Office skills
- Must like dogs! :)

Preferred qualifications

- Avid gamer
- Industry experience in Marketing and PR management
- Knowledge of video editing tools like Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere
- Knowledge of images editing tools like Illustrator, InDesign or Photoshop 


How to Apply: 

Send an email at:
Attached your resume and please let us know why you would like to work in BlindDog Communications

Application Deadline: