Administration and Digital Work Part-Time Internship

Business Name: 
Tribal Collector LLC
Type of Position: 
Part-Time Internship
Grade Level: 
SF (can work from campus or home)
Days/Hours per Week: 
Pay Range: 


Duration of Position: 

position can grow into permanent FT

Position Description: 

Tribal Collector is looking for a primary administrative person to handle management activities at the direction of the General Managing Partner. The company is an online digital marketing service company for the tribal art industry, providing a range of website development, social media, and other marketing services to art galleries, auction houses, museums, and more. It is a professional level position requiring excellent social skills, written and spoken, and experience and significant depth in social media and digital technology. They will need to be able to follow instruction, take the initiative, and demonstrate a high degree of skill.

Position Responsibilities: 

This responsible person will work at a professional high level, doing significant computer administration work, database and social media and office tasks related to online services, marketing work, client service (direct communication with clients related to project), some business administration work (simple budgeting, spreadsheets, projections, financial prep). They will be working with professional consultants and professional people at all levels.

Required Qualifications: 

Computer: Web platform or development experience would be preferred (minor coding), mastery of social media platforms, exceptional writing and spoken skills, professionalism, organization and personal initiative, a good communicator, some administrative work history would help. MS Word, Excel, knowledge of Squarespace or other web management program helpful, coding or minor programming experience a plus, but not required

How to Apply: 

Email a resume with work history and cover letter to

Application Deadline: 
Open until filled