MBA for Executives Courses

Fall Semester 1

BUS 881: Financial and Managerial Accounting (4 units)

Preparation and use of corporate financial and managerial accounting information. Measurement and reporting of financial statements. Use of managerial accounting information in planning, control, decision making, and cost management. (Plus-minus letter grade only)

BUS 888: Managing Organizational Change (4 units)

How organizations evolve, how they are structured and designed, and how they function.  Provides a basis for the application of practical models to increase organizational effectiveness.  Diagnosis of organizational problems, management of change, and influence on organizational structure. (Plus-minus letter grade only)

Spring Semester 2

BUS 883: Economics for Managers (4 units)

Micro- and macro-economic analysis for business decisions. Numerical, geometric, and essay applications of intermediate-level economic theory to business operations and management decisions on local, national, and global issues. (Plus-minus letter grade only)

BUS 887: Strategic Marketing Management (4 units)

Strategic marketing management: the development, evaluation and implementation of marketing plans for product-markets. Strategic decisions, decisions which have a long-term impact on the organization. (Plus-minus letter grade only)

Summer Semester 3

BUS 884: The Political, Social, and Legal Environment of Business (3 units)

Role and impact of business in society. Contemporary social, political, legal, and ethical issues that demonstrate mutual impact of economic and non-economic institutions both domestically and abroad. (Plus-minus letter grade only)

HTM 831: Services Operations Management* (3 units)

Examination of managerial services and quality services delivery to consumers across industry sectors. Service strategy is analyzed with emphasis on customer expectations, process flow improvement, and managing capacity. (Plus-minus letter grade only)

Fall Semester 4

BUS 886: Statistics and Operations Analysis (4 units)

Operations planning and control and related computer applications. Elements of probability and statistics, quality management, inventory control, project management, and demand forecasting. Quantitative analysis and computer applications. (Plus-minus letter grade only)

MGMT 848: Seminar in Leadership* (3 units)

Analysis of leadership patterns and opportunities in increasingly complex organizational environments. (Plus-minus letter grade only)

Spring Semester 5

BUS 882: Advanced Computer Applications and Information Systems for Management (4 units)

Information systems architectures and internet/ intranet sites in information technology (IT) strategy, N-tier IT solutions development tools, and project management methodology for IT solutions. In-depth treatment of IT solution specifications, IT architecture development, IT development tools, and IT infrastructure. (Plus-minus letter grade only)

BUS 885: Corporate Financial Management (4 units)

Financial management. Corporate finance: financial statement analysis, valuation, capital budgeting, capital structures, dividend policy, and risk management. (Plus-minus letter grade only)

Summer Semester 6

BUS 890: Culminating Experience in Strategic Management (3 units)

Case study analysis as a culminating experience option in fulfillment of the requirements for the master's degree. Strategy formulation, implementation, techniques and decision-making in the context of the economic, social, political and competitive global environment. (ABC/NC grading; RP allowed)

IBUS 859: International Business Negotiating* (3 units)

Development of intercultural negotiating skills through cases involving protagonists, organizational contexts, and situations. (Plus-minus letter grade only)


*Subject to instructor availability