Student Intern

Business Name: 
SF State’s Institute for Civic & Community Engagement (ICCE), in collaboration with the City Administrator’s Office of San Francisco,
Government/Public Administration
Type of Position: 
Part-Time Internship
Grade Level: 
All University students
San Francisco, CA
Days/Hours per Week: 
20 hours per week
Pay Range: 
$17.00 per hour
Duration of Position: 

20 hours per week from Sept. 2017 to Dec. 22, 2017 (with a potential to extend appointment to May 31, 2018, pending job performance review).

Position Description: 
Neighborhood Resilience Initiative
Empowered Communities Program – Marketing & Communications
SF State’s Institute for Civic & Community Engagement (ICCE), in collaboration with the City Administrator’s Office of San Francisco, is looking for a student intern to work on the Empowered Communities Program (ECP), an initiative managed by the Neighborhood Empowerment Network (NEN) located at San Francisco’s City Hall. The selected students will be working specifically on the Empowered Communities Program - Marketing & Communications.The selected student will support key stakeholders in San Francisco neighborhoods as they increase their overall resilience at the neighborhood level, expand their organizing and leadership skills, and acquire knowledge and skills regarding community reinvestment. Their time will also be used to take on the marketing and communication role in the NEN office.
In 2007, an alliance of residents, neighborhood and merchant associations, nonprofits and faith based organizations, foundations and academic institutions was created around a simple mission, empowering the neighborhoods of San Francisco with the capacity to steward themselves to a resilient condition. The alliance assumed the name of the Neighborhood Empowerment Network (NEN) and over the last eight years it has leveraged the immense resources and expertise within its ranks to create a ground breaking suite of tools resources and methodologies to advance resilience at the community level with a bottom up grass roots approach. The NEN’s mission is to identify tools, resources, and strategic partnerships that will help increase San Francisco neighborhoods’ capacities to actively participate in both the day to day stewardship of their community, as well as be better prepared to survive, respond and recover from a natural disaster. More information on NEN can be found at
Empowered Communities Program & Resilient Bayview
The NEN has been piloting a program that supports communities as they work to achieve a pre-event condition that will allow them to perform at the highest level in times of stress. Entitled the Empowered Communities Program (ECP), the initiative is modeled after the core tenets of FEMA’s Whole Community Approach. The ECP is the primary program the NEN implements. The ECP works with key stakeholders in San Francisco’s neighborhoods to develop action plans to increase their overall resilience at the neighborhood level, expand their organizing and leadership skills, and acquire related knowledge and skills.
Part of this internship will consist of working with the NEN Director and Deputy Program Manager as they engage the eight ECP Communities. Over the course of the internship, the intern will be assigned a set of communities to help support. Responsibilities may include: creating meeting materials & exercises,attending community meetings, track meeting discussions, synthesize meeting exercise outputs, schedule and participate in organizational interviews, maintain internal databases about all activity conducted in communities, and anything else NEN staff may require within the scope of this program element.
One ECP community in particular the selected intern will be assigned to work with is the Resilient Bayview community. Part of the responsibilities for this community is to support them in their organizational assessments and reports as they build out their partnerships, and to help organize the Vulnerable Populations Summit in the late Fall.


Position Responsibilities: 

Part of this internship will also consist of helping maintain internal workflows of marketing and communication. Responsibilities for this organizational function will include:

  • Updating and revising content on our WordPress website -;
  • Engaging organizational and community stakeholders through phone calls and emails
  • Writing newsletters
  • Updating social media
  • Anything else NEN staff may require within the scope of this organizational function.


This internship is a joint partnership between the NEN ECP and ICCE. The intern will report directly to the Director of Neighborhood Resilience (manages NEN ECP) at SF City Hall and the Associate Director of ICCE, and will be charged with a broad set of responsibilities including:


  • Attend community planning group meetings;
  • Establish working relationships with neighborhood leaders;
  • Attend general meetings of member organizations and other multiple partners to keep apprised, or to update resident leaders about neighborhood activities and plans;
  • Provide neighborhood leaders with logistical support, which includes setting up meeting agendas, sending meeting notices to members, duplicating materials for meetings, providing reports, etc.;
  • Participate in community outreach events;
  • Help gather, organize, and enter data related to program activities and outcomes in database;
  • Project management support for the development of neighborhood support center in ECP communities;
  • Maintain databases for community outreach, education, and planning;
  • Participate in the implementation, monitoring, and support of various annual NEN activities;
  • Marketing / Communications (actively support and manage the media strategies that the NEN has in place, or is currently developing – e.g. Facebook / Twitter / Constant Contact and website);
  • Apply the principles of "continuous quality improvement,” which includes working cooperatively with colleagues and being service-oriented;
  • Perform other duties as may be assigned.


  • Expand the Institute’s knowledge of the participating ECP communities; represent Institute goals and objectives, introducing community organizations to the work of ICCE at ECP meetings; provide information and referrals to community partners about ICCE’s on-line community engagement database (ULink49);
  • Attend quarterly intern check-ins/workshops with SF State ICCE at the main campus;
  • Submit end-of-the semester reflection/reports;
  • Perform other duties as may be assigned.
Required Qualifications: 
  • Exceptional writing, listening, and analytical skills
  • Strong organizational and project management skills
  • Production of high-quality work
  • Ability to manage multiple priorities simultaneously and to take initiative
  • Experience in developing online and electronic communication deliverables to include but not limited to newsletters, email updates, marketing collateral (brochures, fact sheets, etc….)
  • Familiarity with social media tools and its appropriate applicability in communication strategies
  • Awareness of possible online/electronic newsletter formats (e.g., Constant Contact)
  • Experience with maintaining and or managing databases required
  • Advanced proficiency of MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Strong interpersonal and community outreach skills desired
  • Familiarity with San Francisco’s diverse communities and cultures desired
  • Community organizing experience preferred but not necessary
  • Enthusiasm for the mission of the project(s)
How to Apply: 

Please submit your resume and a cover letter highlighting your experience via e-mail to Jen Gasang, Associate Director, ICCE

Application Deadline: 
Open until filled