Putting their education to the test

CoB alums team up to revolutionize beard care with Crafted Beard

While partnering on their culminating project in strategic management three years ago, SF State alumni Hanna Azar (B.S., Finance ’12) and Aaron Schulweis (B.S., Finance ’12) recognized that they shared complementary personalities and similar career goals. Following graduation, the two took separate paths: Hanna in commercial and residential real estate investment, and Aaron in wealth management and financial underwriting.

Start-up ventures soon followed. Hanna launched and currently runs CityCellRepair.com, an iPhone repair and buy back website, while Aaron is partner in the start-up imagewiki.org, an aggregate image ownership database with reverse image technology. Through it all, Hanna and Aaron remained in contact, determined to leverage their SF State educations to launch a joint business venture.

“Aaron and I maintained our friendship through email and hanging out whenever Aaron was back in the Bay Area,” writes Hanna. “During one of his visits, we discussed our interest in starting another project and thought how cool it would be to start a company together. We brainstormed for a couple months, and came to the conclusion that we saw an opportunity in, and had mutual interests in, beards and beard care.”

Shortly thereafter, the two business partners launched CraftedBeard.com, an online retailer that provides unique, high-quality men’s facial products to both the bearded and non-bearded communities.

Hanna adds, “It is clear to both Aaron and myself that our time at San Francisco State is a major contributing factor to our past success, and our future perseverance. SF State brought us together, forming a strong business team, while teaching us the necessary skills to survive in both structured and entrepreneurial ventures. We are excited to continue putting our education to the test with our work at Crafted Beard.”

For more information on Crafted Beard, please visit www.CraftedBeard.com