BUS 300 Fall 2014 Add Request Form

Monday, August 25, 2014

In order to be considered for an add code for BUS 300, please fill out and return the form to bus300adds@gmail.com. You must fill out the form completely. Incomplete forms will not be considered. In addition, include a copy of your pink course equivalency sheet, where appropriate, as well as a copy of your DARS.

MAC Users: You cannot use the default browser pdf viewer to fill out and save the form. You must save the file and open it separately, then save it. The default viewer will not save any changes.

All complete add requests received by Friday, August 29, at noon will be included in the consideration for add codes. If there are additional openings and instructors are willing, the add process will be repeated on Friday, September 5. BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR SFSU EMAIL DAILY! YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR USING THE ADD CODE IN A TIMELY MANNER. ANY ADD CODES NOT USED WITHIN 24 HOURS OF BEING ASSIGNED WILL BE FORFEIT!

Form Download: BUS 300 Fall 2014 Add Request Form (PDF)


  • Complete both pages of the form below and save it.
  • Send the completed form, your pink sheet, and your DARS to bus300adds@gmail.com by Friday, August 29, at noon.
  • Check your @mail.sfsu.edu address daily for updates.
  • Use your add code within 24 hours of receiving it. If you are unable to for some reason, notify your instructor and Prof. Roeder within the 24 hours to not lose your spot in the class.