Marketing Department {College of Business}

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There are 14 full-time faculty in the Marketing Department with interests in advertising, retail management, business-to-business marketing, Internet marketing, consumer behavior, marketing management, international marketing management, and new product development. Excellence in teaching, active intellectual contributions, dedicated committee work, and community service are the hallmarks of the San Francisco State University faculty.

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Name Title Office Hours
Bhat, Subodh Professor M 530-630(DTC); W 4-630; Th 130-2
Cohen, Neil Lecturer M 6-7 & by appt
Enteen, Vicki Lecturer TTh 330-430
Harvey, Ramona Lecturer T 6-7
Ho, Foo-Nin Professor T 2-330, 5-630(BUS); Th 530-630(DTC)
Hussain, Mahmood Associate Professor T 330-630; Th 330-430 or by appt
Jen, Joanna Lecturer T 2-3 & by appt
Kumar, Minu Assistant Professor MW 8-9; M 12-1; W 1245-145(DTC)
Papyrina, Veronika Associate Professor Please email for an appt
Proboll, Astrid Lecturer T 215-315; WTH 545-645
Robertson, Bruce Associate Professor TTh 1115-115
Saytes, Linda Lecturer MTW 8-12 & by appt
Sengupta, Sanjit Professor TW 130-330 BUS 206C; TW 5-6 DTC 624 (6th Floor)
Sinapuelas, Ian Clark Associate Professor Please email for an appt
Strebel, Judi Professor T 330-630; Th 950-1050
Strong, Rob Lecturer Th 3-4
Surath, Don Lecturer W 530-630
Tumbat, Gulnur Associate Professor On Leave, Spring 2014
Wang, Deanna Associate Professor MW 11-12; W 3-4(BUS 304); M 530-630(DTC)
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