Photograph of the Business Building on the main 19th Avenue Campus

Full Name Position Phone Email
Mike Albert, Ph.D. Professor (415) 338-1353
Phillip Armstrong, M.B.A. Lecturer
Sally Baack, Ph.D. Professor (415) 338-6348
Ryana Barbosa, M.B.A. Lecturer
Meredith Benton , M.B.A. Lecturer
Robert Bonner, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Geoff Desa, Ph.D. Associate Professor (415) 338-7490
Anna Dos Ramos, Lecturer
Ian M. Dunham, Ph.D. Assistant Professor (415)338-2202
Matt Fisher, M.B.A. Lecturer (415) 338-2138
Jared Funkhouser, M.B.A. Lecturer
Connie Marie Gaglio, Ph.D. Associate Professor (415) 338-7482
Daniel Gottron, Lecturer
Jason Harris-Boundy, Ph.D. Lecturer (415) 338-2138
Silvia Harris-Payne, Ed. D. Lecturer
David Hover, M.B.A. Lecturer (415) 338-7473
Nara Jeong, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Priyanka Joshi, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Cynthia King, Lecturer
Guido Krickx, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Eric Lamm, Ph.D. Professor (415) 338-7485
Chenwei Li, Ph.D. Assistant Professor (415) 338-2138
Merilee McDougal, M.B.A. Lecturer
Craig Nathanson, Lecturer (415) 338-2138
Antoaneta Petkova, Ph.D. Professor (415) 338-6376
Ronald Purser, Ph.D. Professor (415) 338-2380
Veronica Rabelo, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Maria Radoslavova, Ph.D. Lecturer (415) 338-2380
Okorie Ramsey, Lecturer
Linda Saytes , M.B.A. Lecturer
Arjita Sethi, Lecturer
Manely Sharifian, Ph.D. Assistant Professor (415) 338-2138
Oscar Stewart, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
John Sullivan, Ph.D. Professor (415) 338-1817
Tom Thomas, Ph.D. Professor, Department Chair (415) 338-6086
Smita Trivedi, Ph.D. Assistant Professor (415) 338-1235
Dayna Walker, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Amir Yousef, Lecturer
John Zahar, J.D. Lecturer (415) 338-6348