Labor and Employment Studies Program {College of Business}

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Unions on the Net

Other Labor Studies Programs

  • School of Industrial Relations and Labour Management PAKISTAN
  • Government Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • Purdue University Division of Labor Studies
  • St. Josephs University Labor Studies Dept.
  • Labor Studies Division SSSP, U.C. Davis.
  • ISUB Division of Labor Studies
  • College of Urban, Labor, and Metropolitan Affairs.
  • Daniel Glenday, Professor, Department of Sociology & Director of the Labour Studies Program, Brock University

Labor Studies Organizations

The Labor Project for Working Families

This nonprofit organization assisting labor unions across the country with work and family issues. The Labor Project provides information and technical assistance and maintains a large database of resources on union-related work and family issues such as child care, elder care, alternative work schedules and family leave. For more information, visit our website at

Cornell University School of Continuing Education

B-20 Day Hall, Ithaca NY 14853 Tel: 607-255-4987 Fax: 607-255-9697

Hard Miles Music

Hard Miles Music is devoted to restoring folk music and art to their rightful status within the labor movement. We are an independent record label presenting music which springs from the hearts of those who have traveled down life's highway.

Research Institutions

The UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairswas established in 1994. It houses three academic departments: Policy Studies, Social Welfare, and Urban Planning. Its newest degree program is the Master of Public Policy. It also offers an undergraduate minor in public policy and undergraduate courses in all of its departments.

Seven research centers reside within the school: the Center for Child and Family Policy Research, the Center for Communication Policy, the Center for Health Policy Research, the Institute of Industrial Relations, the Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies, the Center for North American Integration and Development, and the Institute of Transportation Studies.

The Dean's Office houses academic support, external relations and outreach programs, UCLA Policy Forum, Media Relations, the Advanced Public Service Institute, and the Founders' Board.

Other Resources

LabourNet promotes computer communications as a medium for strengthening and building organised labour. We are in the forefront of using the resources of the internet to provide communications, news and information for the labour movement.

Use the EDGAR search engine for company 10K forms and tons of information

Stock Master is a great source of information about publicly traded companies.

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How To Unionize

The following list of companies may be helpful for bargaining and organizing efforts:

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