Labor and Employment Studies Program {College of Business}

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Labor Studies courses combine broad perspectives with specific skills. Introductory courses provide a general knowledge about work, workers, and their organizations, while electives allow students to exam areas in greater depth.

Individual and group research projects encourage students to develop skills through investigation of specific problems such as obstacles to organizing among immigrant workers; labor management cooperation's impact on grievance-handling and collective bargaining; use of computer information systems in local union operations; corporate buyouts' effects on workers' job security; pressure of international competition on working and living standards domestically and abroad; and child care provision through union activity. In these and other problems, students are encouraged to do first-hand investigation by working directly with those involved.

Class Schedule

Courses are usually offered in the evening to accommodate working student schedules. Advising is available both days and evenings, and students are informed periodically new developments. The program aims to meet the needs of nontraditional working-adult students as well as of traditional day students.

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