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International Business Department Facutly Research Grid

Name Research Topic Main Theoretical Focus Specialty
Joel Nicholson Comparative cultural values; work beliefs and attitudes Cross-cultural values; Interactive psychology Latin America Mexico/Venezuela
George Lee Macro-economic analysis Economics China
Bruce Heiman International aspects of Innovation;
International Strategic Alliances & JVs
Management of creativity and technology in a globalized world
Knowledge sharing internationally
Public diplomacy and implications for US reputation and trade overseas
Transaction cost economics
Problem-solving perspective on strategy
Strategic fit
Political Economy of innovation
Evolutionary economics
Europe, including western Europe and increasingly eastern/transitional European economies.
EU and European social, economic and political integration.
Languages: Dutch, French, U.S.A., esp. for SMEs and entrepreneurial orgs.
Roblyn Simeon International Business
Strategic HRM
Organizational learning
Competence and Resource Based Strategies
Comparative Internet Business Strategies
Comparative management
Internet marketing strategy
Cross-Cultural Management
Corporate Governance
Japan, U.S.A. and Europe
Yim Yu Wong Strategic alliances
Resource base theories Diversification
Cultural differences in workplace
Cross-cultural management
Yikuan Lee High technology marketing;
international business (global branding, international product launch, joint venture performance);
Strategic management (governance, alliance performance, knowledge creation, technology transfers)
High technology marketing; international business; strategy China
Humaira Mahi Consumer behavior and globalization in South Asia.
Evolving market institutions such as retailing
Outsourcing - how better marketing can improve outsourcing efficiency.
Consumer moral hazard, signaling and warranties.
Buyer-seller relationships in the semi-conductor industry.
Consumer welfare issues
Application of information asymmetry theories to various business problems and empirical testing and verification of the theories(signaling theory, adverse selection, moral hazard and transaction cost analysis)
Using qualitative consumer behavior theories from cultural anthropology and sociology to study consumer attitudes to globalization and consumer welfare in South Asia.
Behavior decision theory -- applications to consumer decision making and choice.
South Asia (mainly India)
Stephen Rudman Management of Multinational Corporations, Global logistics, legal environment of international business Qualitative research within organizations, institutional environment of global business Chinese-speaking Asia
Buddy Ungson Strategic alliances (performance; valuation)
Sequential market entries
High Technology Strategy
Trust and Evolutionary Theory
Resource-base; network theory; strategy Japan; China; Southeast Asia
Nini Yang Trade liberalization and emerging WTO related conflicts
Work-family interfaces in culturally distinct societies
Expatriate management
Gender equity and career paths in western industrial societies
Cultural relativity of employee motivation and leader effectiveness
Organizational justice in the context of socioeconomic changes
Human capital development and higher education in the global economy
Quantitative research and conceptual frameworks in comparative management
Workforce mobility and competence transfer
Global human resource management
China and East Asia; U.S.A. and Europe; South Africa
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