Undergraduate Program

The Department offers a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management degree with a choice of interdisciplinary elective emphases. A minor in Hospitality Management is also offered.

Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management

In addition to the core course program required of all hospitality management majors, DS 110 (or MATH 110 or equivalent), ECON 100, and ECON 101 must be completed before enrollment in certain core courses. (Students enrolling in DS 110 must pass the ELM examination, or other approved examinations, or take an appropriate course such as MATH 70. Students not attaining a satisfactory score will be directed to take an appropriate preparatory course.) NOTE: DS 110, MATH 110, ECON 100, and ECON 101 are currently acceptable for General Education. Most of the core courses have specific prerequisites that are listed within the course descriptions.

Except in cases of credit by examination, no more than 6 units of the core requirements may be offered toward graduation on a CR/NC basis.

NOTE: Students must take an information systems proficiency exam. Those who do not pass the exam will be required to take ISYS 263.

Prerequisites to Core Courses

The Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management requires 120-123 units for graduation which includes a core of 54 units of business and HM professional courses and a choice of 12 units in any one of the emphasis areas.

Hospitality and Tourism Management Emphases

Hotel Operation Management

The emphasis prepares students for management careers in all facets of the lodging industry. Being one of the world's most popular tourists’ destinations, San Francisco provides students with superior learning experiences and internship/job opportunities in local hotels while pursuing their education. Students obtain an academically sound business foundation, which includes hospitality revenue and cost control, sales and marketing, property management, and the use of hospitality management information systems.

Restaurant and Catering Management

The emphasis prepares students for management positions in the foodservice industry. The goal of the program is to prepare restaurant and foodservice managers with knowledge and skills to meet the needs of the expansive and culturally diverse foodservice industry. The campus laboratory facilities are teaching/learning laboratories for students to gain hands-on experience while learning the fundamentals of food management, production, and services.

Conventions, Meetings and Event Management

The emphasis prepares students seeking careers in the field of conventions, meetings and event management. The interdisciplinary courses emphasize the management of meetings, conventions, trade shows, and special events. Students will be prepared for positions in such areas as independent or entry-level corporate meeting planning; conferences, trade shows, events and convention/meeting services management in the hotel industry.

International Tourism

The emphasis offers a unique opportunity to study both domestic and international tourism, recreation, resorts and attractions. San Francisco's world-wide reputation as a tourist destination and the sophisticated, multi-cultural tourism businesses provide a living laboratory and career opportunities for students.

Two New Emphases Added

The Hospitality Entrepreneurship Management emphasis is for students who are interested in being restaurant, tourism and hospitality business owners, and the Hospitality Labor Relations Management emphasis is for students interested in the legal, regulatory aspects, and labor relations management in the hospitality industry.

For a complete description of the program, see Bulletin: Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management.

San Francisco State University Major Degree Roadmaps

A Degree Roadmap is a semester-by-semester guide to the course requirements necessary to complete a bachelor’s degree in a designated major. A Roadmap is designed to help students select classes that satisfy General Education (GE) requirements, major requirements, other all-university requirements and to graduate in four years. The Roadmap cannot replace consultation with an advisor in your major or an advisor in the Undergraduate Advising Center. You should always use your Degree Roadmap in conjunction with the Bulletin and your DARS report, ASE (if applicable), and transcript to select classes for an upcoming semester.

See the Current Degree Roadmap for Bachelors of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management

See the Generic Degree Map for Bachelors of Science Degrees for Bulletin Year 2015-2016 (pdf)

See the 2013-2014 Degree Roadmap for Bachelors of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management (pdf)

Minor in Hospitality Management

This specialized minor is designed to provide undergraduates with a focused exposure to hospitality management. The program can provide non-hospitality management majors with the professional and technical skills in hospitality management needed for entry into employment or serve as an alternative to a double major for business majors wishing expertise in a second field. Courses are 3 units unless otherwise indicated. For more information, see Bulletin: Minor in Hospitality Management.