MBA Emphasis in Leadership

An MBA Emphasis in Leadership provides students and working professionals with advanced knowledge in leadership concepts and practices to guide a variety of organizations in a dynamic and multi-cultural world. This Emphasis will prepare students for a wide range of leadership and management positions in both for profit and not for profit organizations.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Developing a personal leadership style
  • Leading change and managing major organizational transitions such as mergers, acquisitions, restructurings and strategic change
  • Understanding the role of creativity in leadership
  • Examining ethical behavior and its impact on decisions
  • Understanding challenges integrating diverse populations within organizations

In addition to the core MBA requirements, students specializing in leadership complete the following three courses and at least one elective approved by an emphasis adviser.

Core Courses

  • MGMT 842: Seminar in Organization Design and Change*—Complex organizations: analyzing interrelationships among structure, strategy, systems, people, and management style. Concepts, practices, and problems related to organization effectiveness impacted by changing domestic and international environments.
  • MGMT 848: Seminar in Leadership Patterns and Opportunities—Analysis of leadership patterns and opportunities in increasingly complex organizational environments.
  • MGMT 857: Leadership in Action—Corporate leadership from the top executive's perspective. Conducted by corporate officers, CEOs and Presidents. Students function as a board of directors. Managerial functions and operations include "Bottom-line" concepts of ethical leadership.

- or -

  • IBUS 841: Creativity for Managers: A Global Perspective—Recognize, analyze, and support the value-adding determinants of creative behavior in global context; techniques for enacting and fostering productive creativity. Basic design thinking and problem formulation and solving theory and skills. Possesses some aspects of a lab/studio-oriented course.

Suggested Electives

  • DS 854: Total Quality Systems
  • DS 856: Seminar in Project Management
  • IBUS 838: Global Leadership in the Modern World
  • IBUS 859: International Business Negotiating
  • IBUS 889: International Business Strategy
  • MGMT 856: Managing the Sustainable Business
  • MKTG 875: Brand Management

* Note: MGMT 842 is a Functional Course, and emphasis students will be advised to enroll in it as one of the Qualitative Track Courses.

Faculty Advisers

  • Mitchell Marks
  • Sally Baack