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Support the College : Why Your Gift Matters

Since its inception, the majority of SF State’s operating budget has been provided by the State of California; however, this dynamic is changing.

The Downward Trend in State Funding

State Allocation

From 2000 to 2010, the percentage of the University’s budget provided by the state’s general fund dropped dramatically, from 71 percent to 47 percent with the most precipitous decline occurring from 2009 to 2010 (60% to 47%). In the 2010 academic year alone, the SF State budget sustained cuts of $38 million (23%) to offset declines in the state allocation. Future funding levels of state support are difficult to predict; however, given historical trends and California’s current fiscal challenges, this percentage could continue to decline.

Student Fees

By necessity, and to the University community’s dismay, student fees are on the rise to compensate for decreases in state funding. Tuition rose 32% in 2010, and a California State University employee furlough program was imposed to aid in closing the budget gap. Given SF State’s commitment to accessibility for all students, increasing growth rates in student fees is neither a a sustainable option nor a preferred option.

Private Support

Current state funding trends have a direct impact on the College of Business. Private support is more important than ever to preserve the College’s margin of excellence by providing funding for vital programs and services not covered by state allocations and student fees.

Your Contribution Makes a Difference

Through private support, the College of Business can continue to deliver its margin of excellence to students by maintaining the following benefits:

  • needs-based and merit scholarships
  • tutoring, mentoring, and internship programs
  • career services
  • professional skills development
  • new and expanded programs to meet a rapidly changing business environment

Contributions also allow faculty to conduct applied research and scholarly activities. By retaining a distinguished faculty and maintaining an innovative curriculum, the College of Business secures its accreditation by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). Only 25 percent of domestic business schools and less than 15 percent of international business schools qualify for this prestigious accreditation.

As the reputations of our faculty continue to grow in stature and prestige, so too, a business degree from San Francisco State University becomes more recognized and valuable for our graduates.

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