Finance Department {College of Business}

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There are 10 full-time faculty in the Finance Department with interests in the areas of asset management, international capital flows, the stock market, Chinese banking, risk aversion, and innovation in financial service industries. Excellence in teaching, active intellectual contributions, dedicated committee work, and community service are the hallmarks of the SFSU faculty. The department also employs six to eight professionally qualified part-time faculty to teach selected courses.

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Name Title Office Hours
Arce, Jim Lecturer Th 6-7
Balkanska, Daniela Assistant Professor M 130-230; T 215-315; W 115-145, 445-615(DTC)
Chen, Yea-Mow Professor M 2-4
Feldman, Todd Assistant Professor MW 2-4
Fung, Paul Lecturer M 6-7
Gille, Nancy Lecturer Th 6-7
Hsiao, Ping Professor T 5-6; W 4-7
Hysinger, David Lecturer MWF 1115-1215
Jung, Alan Department Chair T 130-330(BUS 312); 430-630(DTC)
Li, Donglin Assistant Professor MWF 405-525
Li, George Assistant Professor W 430-630; Th 1130-130
Li, Ming Associate Professor On Leave, Spring 2014
Lin, Shengle Assistant Professor T 4-6; W 9-11 (by appt)
Liu, Shuming Assistant Professor M 445-615(DTC); T 1215-115; Th 1215-145
Meiberger, Herb Lecturer TTh 4-6 (please email first)
Needham, Michael Lecturer TTh 830-930
Roth, Henry Lecturer Please email for an appt
Shibuya, Yuji Lecturer T 630-7; Th 330-4
Su, Yuli Professor M 1-4; T 230-330
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