Research Forums

Date Topic Presenters
10/12/16 ORSP Research Funding Opportunities Dr. Michael Scott and DR. Jessica Mankus (ORSP SF State)
11/4/2016 Effects of Host Race Information on Airbnb Listing Prices in San Francisco Dr. Venoo Kakar, Joel Voelz, Julia Wu, Julisa Franco (SF State)
3/10/2017 Data Farming:  What it is and Why You Need it  Dr. Susan Sanchez (Naval Postgraduate School)
5/3/2017 Foundation and Corporate Grants Julie Moed, Joel Streicker and Bryan Pangilinan (SF State)
9/29/2017 "Surviving M&A,” Mitchell Lee Marks, Philip H. Mirvis, and Ron Ashkenas. Harvard Business Review.

“Social, Psychological, And Physical Aspects of the Work Environment Could contribute to Hypertension Prevalence” David H. Rehkopf, Sepideh Modrek, Linda Cantley, and Mark R. Cullen. Health Affairs.
Prof. Mitchell Lee Marks, Professor, Management Department

Prof. Sepideh Modrek, Assistant Professor, Economics Department
11/3/2017 “The Startup Environment in the Bay Area” Grace Huiberts, Erin Eckvahl, Eitan Harari, and Michael Dore.
2/16/2018 "Yes, but this one looks better/works better: When might consumers choose superior sustainability despite a trade-off with other valued product attributes?" Luchs, M. and Kumar, M. Journal of Business Ethics.

"Measuring Reliability of Transportation Networks Using Snapshots of Movements in the Network – An Analytical and Empirical Study,” Gillen., D., and Hasheminia, H., Transportation Research part B: Methodological.

“The term structure of credit spreads, firm fundamentals, and expected stock returns” Bing Han, Avanidhar Subrahmanyam, and Yi Zhou. Journal of Financial Economics.
Prof. Minu Kumar, Associate Professor, Marketing Department

Prof. Hamed Hasheminia, Assistant Professor, Decision Sciences Department

Prof. Yi Zhou, Assistant Professor, Finance Department
4/13/2018 "Gender gap in health status of children in the context of one-child policy in China: is it sibling rivalry or son preference?” Kubo, M. and Chaudhuri, A., Journal of Family and Economic Issues.

“Mobile Technology Dependence and Mobile Technostress.” Mak, B. L., Nickerson, R., and Sim, J. Journal of Innovation and Technology Management.

“Profit or Legitimacy? What Drives Firms to Prioritize Social Stakeholders Over Economic Stakeholders?” Wang, L., and Liang, X. Asian Journal of Business Ethics
Prof. Anoshua Chaudhuri, Professor, Economics Department

Prof. Brenda Mak, Professor, Information Systems Department

Prof. Lihua Wang, Associate Professor, International Business Department