Faculty Accomplishments

2016-2017 Development of Research and Creativity grants funded by the CSU Chancellor's Office

Finance Department

  • Yi Zhou for "Funding Support of the Mark-it Credit Default Swap (CDS) Dataset.”

Marketing Department

  • Minu Kumar for "Structuring drug development partnerships to create valuable drugs for patients."

Accomplishments by Department

Accounting Department

  • Hammond, T., Book chapter. “Oral History,” Routledge Companion to Qualitative Accounting Research Methods (Routledge, forthcoming 2016; Covaleski, M., Haynes, K., Hoque, Z., and Parker, L., editors.)
  • Agyemang, G., Hammond, T., Lehman, C., Revise & Resubmit received November 2016 from Critical Perspectives on Accounting for: “Accounting for Crime in the U.S.: Race, Class, and the Spectacle of Fear.”
  • Cooper, C., Hammond, T., van Staden, C., First-round submission to Accounting, Auditing, and Accountability Journal November 2016: “Anglo American Corporation and the South African State: An analysis of annual reports 1917-1975.”
  • Hammond, T., Moderator, Black Inclusion Network panel for Global Diversity Week, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, San Francisco, September 2016.
  • K., Kimberly, Lightner, T., Luo, B., "The Effects of Property Taxes and Public Service Benefits on Housing Values: A County-Level Analysis", Advances in Taxation vol. 23 (November 2016).

Decision Sciences Department

  • Atkins T., Cholette, S., “Rough Seas Ahead: Quality Concerns for China-bound Wine Shipments,” The Wine Value Chain in China: Global Dynamics, Marketing and Communication in the Contemporary Chinese Wine Market, eds. R.Capitello, S Charters, D Menival and J Yuan (2016: Elsevier/Chandros).
  • Bollapragada, R., Poduval, S., Chetty, B., Brahmbhatt, B., “Solving Traffic Problems in the State of Kerala: Forecasting, Regression and Simulation Models.” Vikalpa: The Journal for Decision Makers, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India, SAGE publishing. Accepted for publication, September. 28, 2016.
  • Gillen.,D., Hasheminia, H., "Measuring Reliability of Transportation Networks Using Snapshots of Movements in the Network – An Analytical and Empirical Study,” Transportation Research part B: Methodological, Elsevier Publishing. November 2016.
  • Hasheminia, H., Jiang, C.," Strategic Trade-off between Vessel Delay and Schedule Recovery: An Empirical Analysis of Container Liner Shipping” Maritime Policy and Management, Taylor & Francis publishing. Accepted for publication, November. 27, 2016.
  • Luo, K., Bollapragada, R., Kerbache, L., “Inventory Allocation Models for a Two-Stage, Two-product, Capacitated Supplier and Retailer problem with Random Demand.” International Journal of Production Economics, Elsevier publishing. Accepted for publication, December. 7, 2016.
  • Saltzman, R., Roeder, T., Lambton, J., Param, L., Frost, B. and Fernandes, R., “The Impact of a Discharge Holding Area on the Throughput of a Pediatric Unit,” in Service Science, INFORMS publishing. Accepted for publication, November. 12, 2016.
  • Saltzman, R. and Bradford, R., “Simulating a More Efficient Bike Sharing System,” in Journal of Supply Chain and Operations Management, Wiley Publishing. Accepted for publication, September. 15, 2016.

Economics Department

Information Systems Department

  • Beckman, Paul, “Knowledge Transfer and Refinements to Connection-Based Employee Work Experience Measures,” accepted for publication in the Proceedings of the 2017 Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, January 4-7, 2017.
  • Hanelt, A., Kolbe, L.M., Remane, G., Nickerson, R.C., Tesch, J.F., “A Taxonomy of Carsharing Business Models,” accepted for publication in the Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Information Systems, 2016.
  • Mourato-Dussault, F.B., Nickerson, R.C., “Selecting a Stored Data Approach for Mobile Apps,” accepted for publication in the Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research, 11(3), September 2016, pp. 35-49.

International Business Department

  • Chathoth, P.K., Ungson, G.R., Harrington, R.J., Chan, E.S.W., "Co-creation and higher order customer engagement in hospitality and tourism services", International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, Vol. 28 Issue 2: 222 - 245.
  • Park, S.H., Ungson, G.R., Francisco, J.P., ASEAN Champions: Emerging stalwarts in regional integration. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (in press).
  • Park, S.H., and Ungson, G.R., 2016. “Blind Spots in Global Strategy: Applications to Emerging Markets, Cross-Cultural and Strategic Management, Vol. 23, Issue 4: 531-550.*

Management Department

  • Duan, J, Li, C., Xu, Y., & Wu, C., Transformational Leadership and Employee Voice Behavior: A Pygmalion Mechanism. Journal of Organizational Behavior, Accepted October, 2016.
  • Dong, Y., Bartol, K.M., Zhang, Z., & Li, C., Enhancing Employee Creativity via Individual Skill Development and Team Knowledge Sharing: Influences of Dual-focused Transformational Leadership. Journal of Organizational Behavior, Accepted for publication, August 2016.
  • Marks, M.I., Mirvis, P., Ashkenas, R., "Making A Merger Work for You," To appear in Harvard Business Review, HBS publishing. March 2017.
  • Tosti-Kharas, J., Lamm, E. and Thomas, T.E., “Organization OR Environment? Disentangling employees’ rationales behind organizational citizenship behavior for the environment.” Accepted in August 2016 and forthcoming in Organization and Environment. See also: If Your Company Thinks Green, You Will Too.

Marketing Department

  • Kumar, M., and Noble, C.H., "Beyond form and function: why do consumers value product design?" Journal of Business Research, 69(2), 613-620. DOI: 10.1016/j.jbusres.2015.05.017
    • This project was funded by Marketing Science Institute through their competitive research grants.
    • An earlier version of this paper won the prestigious Overall Best Conference Paper Award and Best Paper in the Track award at the 2010 Summer AMA conference.
  • Michael, L., and Kumar, M., "Yes, but this one looks better/works better: When might consumers choose superior sustainability despite a trade-off with other valued product attributes?" To appear in Journal of Business Ethics, Springer publishing. March 2017.