Faculty and Research

2014 Tenure and Promotion Appointments

The College of Business is honored and pleased to announce the following faculty have been granted tenure and promotion to the rank of associate professor by President Leslie Wong effective the first day of the fall 2014 semester.

  • Amy Chang, Accounting, Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor
  • Minu Kumar, Markering, Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor
  • Susan Cholette, Decision Sciences, Promotion to Full Professor
  • Julia Miyaoka, Decision Sciences, Promotion to Full Professor
  • Mitchell Marks, Management, Promotion to Full Professor

New Faculty Hires

  • Katherine Hetherington, Accounting
  • James Brian Aday, Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Sybil Yang, Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Monica Sharif, Management
  • Smita Trivedi, Management
  • Nga Ho-Dac, Marketing
  • Sina Damangir, Marketing

Congratulations to these outstanding faculty for their hard work and commitment to the College of Business and San Francisco State University, and most important, to our students. Your scholarly achievements are to be admired.

About the College of Business Faculty

The College of Business has 104 tenure-track and tenured faculty with Ph.D.s. and approximately 18 part-time faculty members.

Full-time faculty members received their Ph.D. degrees from institutions such as University of California, Berkeley and Los Angeles (UCLA); Stanford University, Harvard University; University of Southern California; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Georgia State University; Carnegie Mellon, Purdue University; University of North Carolina; and University of Washington.

Our non-US born faculty members are originally from countries such as: China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Bangladesh, Turkey, Korea, Russia, Bulgaria, Philippines, Great Britain, Australia, Lebanon, Egypt, and Germany.

Self-reported Ethnicities

  • 59.8% White
  • 26.5% Asian American
  • 4.8% Pacific Islander
  • 4.2% African American
  • 3.7% Other
  • 1% Hispanic


  • 66.7% Male
  • 33.3% Female

The Center for Ethical and Sustainable Business

The Center for Ethical and Sustainable Business—Where Responsibility Meets Opportunity

As part of the University's commitment to equity and social justice, the College of Business created a regional Center for Ethical and Sustainable Business to leverage the growing momentum among businesses to implement socially and environmentally responsible business practices.