SAP Recognition Award Program {College of Business}

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SAP Recognition Award Program


The Information Systems department partnered in spring 2012 with SAP America University Alliance Program (SAP UAP) to issue the SAP Recognition Award Certificate.

Students who complete three out of the following four SAP integrated IS courses with a grade of "C" or better are eligible to receive the SAP Recognition Award Certificate.


  • ISYS 471: E-commerce Systems
  • ISYS 569: Business Process Management
  • ISYS 573: Building Business Mobile Applications
  • ISYS 650: Business Intelligence
  • ISYS 663: IT Project Management


All of the above courses are open to non-IS major students.

The prerequisite for ISYS 471, ISYS 569, and ISYS 650 is ISYS 363 or ACCT 307. SAP experience is very valuable for prospective job seekers.

Eligible students should contact the instructors who teach SAP integrated courses before the end of the semester to apply for the SAP Recognition Award Certificate.

Rewarding Program

By the end of Spring 2012, seven students received the SAP Recognition Award Certificate. Two of our top students have received internship opportunities at PG&E in summer 2012. The internships have a high likelihood of turning into full-time employment. Additionally, we received several inquiries from other potential internship providers.

The faculty experience is overwhelmingly positive and rewarding. Student response to the courses and the overall experience has been very positive.


The IS Department seeks sponsorships to fund the expenditures associated with the SAP Recognition Award Certificate program. For details on sponsorship guidelines and the benefits, see SAP Sponsorship.

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