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Computing Resources

The Economics Microcomputer Laboratory was established in 1985 as a dedicated instructional laboratory. Quantitative courses are taught in the lab in an integrated lecture-laboratory environment. Open lab hours [pdf], supervised by graduate students, are used to complete laboratory assignments and work on other courses. Non-majors may use the lab on a space available basis.

When the lab was established, no one could have anticipated the extent to which the World Wide Web would explode on to the scene. Today the lab provides a fully integrated communication package for students accessed from the Behavioral and Social Science Network, with internet access supported by high speed phone lines. This package provides full web support for not only the department's courses but for all other courses of study while at San Francisco State.

Wireless Access

You can use wireless connectivity from the Economics Lab and the Economics Student and Faculty Lounge areas.

Lab Skills

Using the lab is about acquiring the computer skills that are central to a quality education. The more you use the lab, the more developed your skills will become. This section outlines the various resources available to you from the lab.

BSS Resources

The lab is networked to the BSS server on the third floor of HSS. The college supplies a large number of standard word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software from the various network menus. The same network menus are available from the BSS Lab in HSS 383, and a reservation menu can be used to reserve a computer in the HSS 383 lab from our lab. When the Economics Lab is busy or being used for instruction or closed, you can do your work in the BSS Lab upstairs.

Lab Etiquette

  • Please do not bring food or drinks into the lab.
  • Use the laser printers ONLY for course work.
  • Clean up your work area after you have finished.
  • ALWAYS be courteous to your fellow students.

Failure to observe these rules will result in a loss of open lab privileges.

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