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Rules of Participation in Economic Experiments

Learning about upcoming experiments

To be informed about upcoming experiments please add your contact information to the database of potential participants. Your name may also appear in the database if you have been recently enrolled in an economics class. To remove your name simply fill out the removal form.

Registering for a particular experimental session

When an experimental session is scheduled you will receive an invitation email with details of the experiment. Feel free to ignore the invitation. However, If you wish to participate you must reply providing the requested information (if any). An email confirming your participation will be sent to you. You can only participate if you received the confirmation email.

Arriving on time

All confirmed participants who arrive on time will be compensated with at least a show-up payment of $6.

Keep in mind that we often recruit more participants than there are slots in an experiment. This is necessary to avoid canceling a session if a participant fails to show up for unforseen reasons. Those participants who arrive last may be asked to leave after receiving the show-up payment. If you are late you will most likely not be allowed to participate and will receive no payment.


Participants are paid in cash at the end of the experiment. In addition to the show-up payment participants receive payments that depend on their decisions, decisions of other participants, and sometimes chance factors. Those payments are impossible to predict. In the past, most participants earned between $20 and $40.

During an experiment

In the beginning of each experimental session, participants are provided with written instructions that explain all the details. The instructions clearly explain how a participant's compensation depends on his or her decisions. Further training with experimental software is provided. There is ample opportunity to ask questions at any point.

Failing to show up for an experiment

If you are no longer able to participate in a session you should send an email to the experimenter as soon as possible (at least 24 hours in advance). Failure to show up for a session without prior notice may preclude you from being invited for future experiments. If a participant fails to show up the experiment may have to be canceled.


Your contact information will never be used for purposes other than recruiting for experimental sessions.

Any decisions you make during the experiments are anonymous and will never be reported in a way that can be linked back to you.


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