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"Menu Price Presentation Influences on Consumer Purchase Behavior in Restaurants

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Intellectual Contribution by Sybil Yang

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"Menu Price Presentation Influences on Consumer Purchase Behavior in Restaurants


International Journal of Hospitality Management


Sheryl Kimes




Empirical research on menu design and price presentation thus far has focused primarily on attitudinal affects on consumers and not necessarily on actual purchase behavior. This experiment uses price presentation manipulations to determine what price formats may affect consumer purchase behavior. Overall, price presentation was not found to be a significant predictor of consumer spending in an upscale restaurant environment. However, results did show a significant reduction in spending when formats with monetary cues such as the word "dollars" or the symbol "$" were used. In addition, no significant spending differences between numerical and scripted presentation formats were found.

Complete Citation

Alfnes, F. (2010). Locally produced food in restaurants: Are the customers willing to pay a premium and why?. International Journal of Revenue Management 4(3/4), 201.Verhoeven, J.W.M. (2010). Keeping up appearances : service environments as symbolic communication. Thesis.Wang, S., Lynn, W.M., (2011). The Impact of Magnitude Salience on Prix Fixe Menu Price Judgment. Caesars Hospitality Research Summit.


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