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Communicating sustainability through product form

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Intellectual Contribution by Minu Kumar

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Communicating sustainability through product form


Product Development Management Academic Research Forum 2011




Abstract: This research investigates consumer expectations about the form of sustainable brands. The authors use one qualitative study to explore dimensions of product form that may convey sustainability. In a second quantitative study they hypothesize and test relationships between form features and perceptions of sustainability. The results suggest that forms that appear simple and symmetric are perceived to be environmentally sustainable than forms that appear complex and asymmetric. This may be because simple and symmetric designs mimic the natural principles of efficiency and balance and hence appear to take less attentional and processing resources than a disharmonious design that maybe cumbersome to process. In the marketing literature there are no studies that investigate how product form can be used to convey the sustainability of a brand and we feel that this study is a good starting point that could lead to further fruitful investigations

Complete Citation

Kumar Minu and Michael Luchs "Communicating Sustainability of a Brand Through Product Form." Proceedings of the 2011 PDMA Academic Research Conference.


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