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Student Workbook for IBUS 330

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Intellectual Contribution by Joel Nicholson

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Student Workbook for IBUS 330






The Student Workbook for IBUS 330 accompanies the text reader (which draws 16 chapters from four different textbooks). The Workbook contains preliminary chapter information on the topics covered, but written from a different perspective than the prose in the Reader. Following the introductory concepts are the PowerPoint slides which are presented in online lectures given the students of IBUS 330, Introduction to International Business and Multicultural Relations. All introductory prose and PowerPoint slides were created by the author, Joel Nicholson. Finally, at the end of each chapter in the Student Workbook are ten study questions which are designed to give students another active review of the concepts presented in the online lectures and represented in the PowerPoint slides. Space is provided for the students to answer these questions in preparation for online examinations and quizzes.

Complete Citation

Nicholson, J.D. (2009). Student Workbook for IBUS 330. San Franciso: Pearson Custom Publishing. First Edition


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